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Apparatus including a spiral coil body as a stent for temporarily supporting a body vessel internally, the spiral coil body being adjustable in diameter by relative rotation of at least one of the ends of the body from a proximal location.

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A temporary stent comprises a coil of tubular thermoplastic material and a heating element inside the tubular material, or a film with a metal film resistive heating element coated thereon. A method of temporarily supporting the wall of a vessel comprises the steps of inserting a thermoplastic body ...

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A pressure sensor having a tubular member partially filled with a ferrofluid column and partially filled with air, with an electrically conductive coil wrapped around the tubular member. When in use, the coil has alternating current running therethrough and the voltage across the coil is monitored. ...

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A sensor coil is located on guidewire or perfusion catheter and introduced into the body. First the sensor coil is isolated from blood flow and used to make a set of static measurements. Next the sensor coil is heated in the presence of blood flow and a set of dynamic measurements are made which ref ...

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An apparatus for locally controlling smooth muscle tone includes a first electrode for insertion into an artery; a barrier for preventing the first electrode from contacting an arterial wall; a second electrode; a power supply; and a controller for coupling the power supply to the electrodes. The co ...

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An apparatus and method for performing diagnostics and intravascular therapies. A guidewire anemometer can be used to measure the velocity of fluid flowing through the vasculature. An in-line anemometer can be used to measure the volumetric flow rate of fluid transported out of a patient's body. A h ...

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Some embodiments of pacing systems employ wireless electrode assemblies to provide pacing therapy. The wireless electrode assemblies may wirelessly receive energy via an inductive coupling so as to provide electrical stimulation to the surrounding heart tissue. In certain embodiments, the wireless e ...

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Devices, systems, and methods provide for intravascular or extravascular delivery of renal denervation therapy and/or renal control stimulation therapy. Wireless vascular thermal transfer apparatuses and methods provide for one or both of production of current densities sufficient to ablate renal ne ...

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Guide catheter exchange device and method of exchanging a guide catheter. The guide catheter exchange device includes a magnetically responsive segment located on a proximal end for maintaining a previously placed guide wire in position across a stenosis, while performing a guide catheter exchange p ...

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The present invention is a device and method for controlling longitudinal movement of a tube relative to a shaft slidably disposed within the tube, especially in the catheterization of a patient. An operative segment on the shaft cooperates with an ancillary tool to create a coupling force field bet ...