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In a message signal scrambling apparatus, the signal is divided into elements, each of one time slot duration, and the elements are re-arranged in order so as to produce a signal scrambled in time. Each element is entered and stored in a charge coupled device, from which is extracted as required to ...

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A feedforward amplifier is designed to exhibit particularly linear transfer characteristics in which distortion signals introduced by the amplifier itself are monitored and the phase and amplitude characteristics of respective adaptive equalizers are modified to reduce any distortions at these point ...

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A high power amplifier arrangement utilizes a configuration which is similar to that of a distributed amplifier in which the capacitances of a plurality of individual amplifying devices form part of a delay line which couples together the amplifying device, so as to sum the output power. The inventi ...

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A frequency generator provides a number of selectable predetermined spot frequencies to a high degree of accuracy in an economical manner. The output from a phase lock loop having a variable frequency divider is divided by a further variable frequency divider. The two dividers are controlled by pair ...

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The present invention provides a modified distributed amplifier which is capable of accepting two or more independent inputs and amplifying them without giving rise to a large number of significant intermodulation products. This modified distributed amplifier effectively comprises two or more unmodi ...

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A feedforward amplifier compensates for distortions introduced by a main amplifying device by comparing the amplified signal with the original unamplified signal and producing a correction signal, which is related to the difference. The correction signal is combined with the main amplified signal at ...

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For many applications it is desirable that electronic amplifiers have good linearity (a typical such application is in the field of high frequency radio transmission). Various arrangements and designs have been employed to ensure that the desired linearity is attained, but some types of amplifier ha ...