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A process for the preparation of Type V hydroxygallium phthalocyanine which comprises the in situ formation of an alkoxy-bridged gallium phthalocyanine dimer, hydrolyzing said alkoxy-bridged gallium phthalocyanine dimer to hydroxygallium phthalocyanine, and subsequently converting the hydroxygallium ...






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A nanoscale pigment particle composition includes a quinacridone pigment including at least one functional moiety, and a sterically bulky stabilizer compound including at least one functional group, wherein the functional moiety associates non-covalently with the functional group; and the presence o ...


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A photoconductive imaging member comprised of a mixture of at least two symmetrical perylene bisimide dimers of Formula 1

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A process for preparing coated nanoscale quinacridone pigment particles, includes providing a first solution containing a surface additive compound in an acid; adding a quinacridone pigment precursor or crude quinacridone pigment into the first solution and causing the surface additive compound to c ...