Roger D Melen: Record document authentication by microscopic grain structure and method. Canon Research Center America, Paul Hentzel, June 28, 1994: US05325167 (151 worldwide citation)

Record document may be authenticated against reference grain data obtained from the document at a prior time. The body of the document is formed by base medium bearing the record entries such as text within record site. Grain seal site is located at a predetermined location within the base medium. T ...

Roger D Melen: Depth control for stereoscopic images. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Fenwick & West, December 12, 2000: US06160909 (101 worldwide citation)

The apparent depth (416) of an apparent point (404) in a set of stereoscopic images (300) is altered by moving a region (502) in at least one image (300) which corresponds to the apparent point (404). The location of the regions (502) within each image (300) representing the apparent point (404), to ...



Roger D Melen, Michael G Roberts: Archival and retrieval of similar documents. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Fenwick & West, July 17, 2001: US06263121 (76 worldwide citation)

System and method for archiving and retrieving documents based on attributes of the document. The attributes are located by a processor that searches the document for a predefined set of attributes. The attributes may be particular words, word locations, font sizes, or other properties that can be l ...

Roger D Melen: Non-linear aggregation mapping compression of image data and method. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul Hentzel, September 15, 1998: US05809172 (72 worldwide citation)

General apparatus 10 for carrying out non-linear aggregation compression and storage of pixel data is presented. Scanner device 10S receives record documents 10R containing record images 10D for providing analog data 10A. Analog-to-digital converter 12A digitizes the amplitudes of the analog data to ...

Roger D Melen: Group interaction system for interaction with other vehicles of a group. Toyota InfoTechnology Center, Fenwick & West, March 15, 2005: US06868333 (71 worldwide citation)

The group interaction system comprises a plurality of vehicle navigation systems that are capable of communicating with one another, displaying the location of other vehicle navigation systems in a group, and receiving selection of certain vehicle navigation systems in the group and selection of an ...


Roger D Melen: Character recognition with document orientation determination. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Fenwick & West, November 21, 2000: US06151423 (55 worldwide citation)

The correct orientation for a document scanned by an OCR system is determined from the confidence factors associated with multiple character images identified in the document. One disclosed orientation determination module (258) for determining the correct page orientation includes a confidence fact ...

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A cascade charge coupled delay circuit including a plurality of serial delay line sections formed on a single semiconducter wafer, said delay line sections being directly coupled to one another through the wafer and means for independently clocking each section of said lines.