Roger A Powell: Variable aperture, variable flux density, aerospace solar collector. December 19, 1989: US04888063 (78 worldwide citation)

A trough-type reflecting solar concentrator and receiver system for aerospace use is disclosed. The reflecting surface is a thin flexible sheet attached to and disposed between curved ribs. The amount of the sheet reflecting sunlight can be changed by winding the unnecessary quantity of sheet onto a ...

Roger A Powell: Method for resource allocation and project control for the production of a product. March 1, 1994: US05291397 (67 worldwide citation)

A control system for the manufacture of a product is disclosed. A network of events and activities and a baseline schedule is constructed. Actual and predicted deviations to the baseline schedule, which are called slack variables, are used to predict the actual final completion date, using parallel ...

Roger A Powell: Method for resource allocation for the manufacture of a product. March 3, 1987: US04648023 (52 worldwide citation)

A control system for the manufacture of small-order-quantity goods. A network of events, activities and baseline schedule dates is constructed. Availability of external components and actual internal progress are measured by a slack variable. Optimization is based on use of the slack variable for al ...

Roger A Powell: Security system for warheads. March 2, 1999: US05877696 (37 worldwide citation)

A weapons security system composed of containers for storage of warheads or warhead material. The containers are equipped to detect breaches in the enclosure walls and to transmit an alarm signal in the event of a breach. The alarm signal is received by a local control center for transmission to a c ...

Roger A Powell: Adjustable inclination reading/writing board. October 21, 1986: US04618119 (35 worldwide citation)

An adjustable inclination reading/writing board for attachment to a table or desk top. A single operating lever disengages a support member from base strip members on the table top, allowing the inclination of the planar board member to be adjusted.

Roger A Powell: Parabolic trough solar reflector. September 16, 1986: US04611575 (32 worldwide citation)

A solar trough reflector structure using a single stressed reflector skin, parabolic shaped ribs, and members to structurally close the aperture develops high strength and stiffness from a minimum of material.

Roger A Powell: System for control and resource allocation for the manufacture of a product. February 27, 2001: US06195590 (30 worldwide citation)

A control system for the manufacture of a product. A network of activities is created in a primary computer and a baseline schedule is determined. The baseline schedule dates are transmitted to a plurality of secondary computers. The secondary computers monitor external elements used in the activiti ...

Roger A Powell: Arming system for a warhead. June 19, 1990: US04934269 (26 worldwide citation)

An arming device for a warhead which determines its location on the earth using navigational satellites and compares that location with an internally stored preprogrammed location. The locations must agree before arming can be accomplished, thereby ensuring that the warhead can be armed only at its ...

Roger A Powell: Solar energy conversion apparatus. Warren W Kurz, July 14, 1981: US04278829 (25 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is disclosed for converting solar energy to more useful forms, i.e., thermal and electrical energy. Such apparatus includes a photoelectric transducer (e.g., an array of photovoltaic cells), means for concentrating solar energy on the transducer, and means for circulating a liquid between ...

Roger A Powell: Elastically deformed reflectors. Warren W Kurz, January 6, 1981: US04243301 (21 worldwide citation)

Spherically-shaped dish and cylindrically-shaped trough reflectors are produced by the deflection of a thin reflective element within its elastic range of stress. A spherical or cylindrical shape is produced by including a pure bending moment stress pattern in the reflective element. This is accompl ...