Rodney J Corder: Apparatus used to interface a peripheral device to a computer employing a reconfigurable interface circuit. New Media, Gregory Garmong, March 25, 1997: US05615344 (130 worldwide citation)

An apparatus used to interface a peripheral device to a computer has an adapter card that plugs into the computer and a smart cable that plugs into the adapter card at one end and the peripheral device at the other. The adapter card includes a reconfigurable interface circuit that is in communicatio ...

Thomas G Pollard, Rodney J Corder: Power management of a computer plug-in card having a remote data link. New Media, Gregory Garmong, May 19, 1998: US05754870 (27 worldwide citation)

A computer system includes a computer and a plug-in card having a remote data link. The plug-in card draws power from the power sour the computer. A status monitor shows the operability of the remote data link, specifically whether it is operable for data communications to or from the computer, and ...

Rodney J Corder: Controller for refreshing a PSRAM using individual automatic refresh cycles. New Media Corporation, Gregory Garmong, April 1, 1997: US05617551 (12 worldwide citation)

A controller commands the memory refreshment of a pseudo-static random access memory (PSRAM) accessible from a remote host processor. The controller includes a detector for the end of a memory access cycle by the host processor. A tapped delay line is activated by the detector at the end of the memo ...

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