Maurice G McNeely, Rodney A Gomes: Multiple company credit card system. James Creighton Wray, April 17, 1984: US04443027 (188 worldwide citation)

One or more miniaturized credit indicators are affixed to a wallet-size primary plate bearing the name, signature, picture and account number of an authorized user. Each of the indicators represent a different credit account. The indicators are locked into recessed spaces on the face of the plate. M ...

Russell M Stewart, Rodney A Gomes: Reusable remailable envelope. James Creighton Wray, Edward A Pennington, December 29, 1987: US04715531 (39 worldwide citation)

A remailable envelope is constructed of a single sheet folded in half having perforations spaced inward from the non-folded edges. A flap fold is spaced inward parallel to the perforation at the free edge of the back. Adhesive extends between the centerfold and the flap fold on the inner surface of ...

Rodney A Gomes: Beverage can opening and sealing tab. James C Wray, January 19, 1988: US04720022 (14 worldwide citation)

A beverage can is provided with a tab having opening and sealing portions. The tab is riveted to the can lid in a central portion thereof with the opening portion being adjacent an openable area of the can lid which is defined by a continuous score line.

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