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A pump has power and fluid ends wherein one or more of the drive rods are offset from the plungers. An offset coupler connects a drive rod to an offset plunger. A method includes connecting the offset power end to the standard fluid end using the offset coupler. A repair and maintenance system inclu ...

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An assembly in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention for providing a substantially uniform output flow from at least one piston of a pump powered by a prime mover includes at least a first power piston disposed in a cylinder and reciprocatingly movable within the cylinder between an ...

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A technique facilitates performance of a perforating operation in a wellbore. The technique comprises positioning a perforating gun assembly downhole in a wellbore via coiled tubing. The perforating gun assembly has a plurality of individually controllable perforating gun sections which may be selec ...

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The current application discloses methods and systems for generating mechanical tube waves in fluid filled boreholes penetrating subterranean formations. In one embodiment, the system of the current application comprises an energy storage chamber; a fast operating valve connected to the energy stora ...

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A coil tubing system including a reel having a core rotatable about a horizontal axis, the core having a surface defining an interior cavity about the horizontal axis and a tubing having an inlet end positioned proximate the horizontal axis. A bend is formed in the tubing between the inlet end and a ...

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A technique facilitates the pumping of fluids in a well related application while minimizing the number of system components. The system and methodology comprise a plurality of pumps for use at a well site to deliver a well treatment fluid to a desired location. A single driveline is coupled between ...

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A multi-step autofrettage process for pre-treating a multi-cylinder reciprocating pump fluid end that has a central cylinder and at least two side cylinders is provided that includes autofrettaging the central cylinder; and autofrettaging the at least two side cylinders, wherein the autofrettaging o ...

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A technique for utilizing a coiled tubing rig improves its operation and functionality. The coiled tubing rig is adapted to enable improved operation in a variety of harsh environments. The coiled tubing rig also may comprise features that facilitate the interchangeability of well tools, e.g. the in ...

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A method of deploying a tool into a pressurized well is provided that includes providing the well with a wellhead having a blow out preventer coupled thereto; setting a pressure barrier within the well at a distance below the blow out preventer that is at least as long as the length of the tool to c ...

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An embodiment of an integrated well access assembly comprises a prime mover, a positioning pump coupled to the prime mover for positioning a well access line relative to the well, and a hydraulic treating pump coupled to the prime mover for pumping a fluid into the well access line.