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A streamlined instruction processor processes data in response to a program composed of prespecified instructions in pipeline cycles. The processor comprises an instruction fetch unit, including an instruction interface adapted for connection to an instruction memory and for fetching instructions fr ...

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The present invention relates to a data processing unit comprising a register file, a register load and store buffer connected to the register file, a single memory, and a bus having at least first and second word lines to form a double word wide bus coupling the register load and store buffer with ...

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A content management (CM) system is provided to centrally control operation of one or more connected devices by issuing control requests and/or data requests. In some situations the connected device(s) include devices that control presentation of television programming-related content, such as digit ...

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An instruction processor suitable for use in a reduced instruction-set computer employs an instruction pipeline which performs conditional branching in a single processor cycle. The processor treats a branch condition as a normal instruction operand rather than a special case within a separate condi ...

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The data processing device according to the invention comprises an instruction providing unit having an input and an output, a pipeline unit for processing data having input and output stages, a loop pipeline unit for processing a loop instruction having input and output stages, said input stages of ...

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An on-chip debug system includes a data band selector operable to transmit to an emulator the selected data bands generated by the selected components in an integrated circuit. The data band selector is directed by the emulator based upon instructions received from a host computer.

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A simple architecture to implement a mechanism for performing data references to storage in parallel with instruction execution. The architecture is particularly suited to reduced instruction-set computers (RISCs) and employs a channel address register to store the main memory load or store address, ...

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A data processor is disclosed which comprises a first pipeline for decoding and executing data instructions, a second pipeline for decoding and executing address instructions, a unit for issuing multiple instructions to the pipelines, a first set of registers being coupled with the first pipeline, a ...

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The present invention relates to a method of context switching from a first task to a second task in a data processing unit having a register file with a plurality of general purpose registers and a context switch register, a memory comprising a previous context save area and an unused context save ...

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A data processing unit is disclosed with a register file having a plurality of registers. A memory having a plurality of n-bit input/output ports, and a coupling unit for coupling the memory with the register file, a memory address and select unit for addressing the memory banks are provided. The co ...