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A card edge connector of the type used to connect a daughter printed circuit board with a mother printed circuit board. The connector has a housing, a plurality of signal contacts, and an electromagnetic grounding shield to prevent electromagnetic impulses from generating or degrading signals in the ...

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Coding modules are connected to an electrical plug and an electrical socket to control whether or not the plug and socket can be connected to each other. Each module has a frame and two keys connected to their frames. The keys are selectively positionable on the frames to provide at least sixteen di ...

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An electrical connector for establishing electrical connection between spaced printed circuit boards, for example, comprising a spiral-wound elongated spring member formed of a one-piece blank and being longitudinally resilient for establishing firm surface contact between circuit boards and radiall ...

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A system for connecting printed circuit boards to each other includes electrical connectors and positioners. The positioners fixedly position the boards relative to each other in a general spaced parallel configuration. The electrical connectors can connect the boards to each other in series. The co ...

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A combined electrical connector and connector nesting assembly has a frame with a first section adapted to receive an edge of a printed circuit board and a second section adapted to receive a connector of a cable assembly. The first section has a card edge receiving slot and spring contacts can be i ...

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An electrical connector with a housing and a contact strip. The housing has a receiving area with openings into the receiving area on opposite sides of the housing. The contact strip has a support of resilient conductive material, an insulating layer on the support, and signal conductors on the insu ...

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A card edge connector comprising a housing, electrical contacts, and ejectors. The housing has a middle section with a card edge receiving area, two guide projections at opposite ends of the middle section, and a keeper section. The electrical contacts extend from the middle section, through the kee ...

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A card edge connector having spring contacts that are partially movable by insertion of a circuit board into the connector. The contacts include two contacts that electrically contact each other when a circuit board is not connected to the connector. The two contacts are moved by insertion of a circ ...

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An electrical connector for connecting a second electrical connector to a printed circuit board. The electrical connector has a housing with spring contacts. The spring contacts are adapted to be displaced by and make electrical and mechanical contact with contact pins of the second electrical conne ...

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An electrical connection system is provided with two electrical connectors and a mounting track. The mounting track is adapted to be connected to a frame. The connectors are slidingly mounted onto the mounting track and into electrical connection with each other.