Robert W Williams: Suction retraction instrument. Jerry R Seiler, September 20, 1977: US04049000 (145 worldwide citation)

A suction retraction instrument comprises an elongated hollow suction pipe having a port at its lower end and secured to a manifold at its upper end and a retractor arm secured to the pipe adjacent the lower end and extending at an angle therefrom.

Robert W Williams: Retractor. Jerry R Seiler, July 12, 1977: US04034746 (55 worldwide citation)

A surgical retractor of the type having a pair of movable handles pivoted on a common pivot pin or hinge member each handle having an elongated arm extending upwardly therefrom for reciprocal expansion or contraction when the handles are reciprocally moved, the improvement comprising a blade or plat ...

Robert W Williams: Animal feed device containing an insecticidal cartridge. Joseph W Molasky, December 7, 1976: US03995595 (45 worldwide citation)

A feed tray, bowl or dining mat for animals which, in addition to serving as a receptacle for food, contains an insecticidal composition capable of maintaining the said tray, bowl or mat essentially free from insects.

Robert W Williams: Forceps. Jerry R Seiler, August 23, 1977: US04043343 (45 worldwide citation)

In forceps having a pair of handles one of which is hinged for reciprocal movement relative to the other, extension arms between the handles one of the arms being reciprocally slidable along the other arm, upper and lower jaw members one of which is hinged for reciprocal movement relative to the oth ...

Robert W Williams: Apparatus for cleaning up animal feces deposits. Joseph W Molasky & Associates, January 29, 1980: US04185355 (22 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for cleaning up an animal feces deposit from its situs by positioning an open-ended receptacle with its open end overlying and in close proximity to the animal feces deposit and providing a suction to pick up the animal feces deposit and deliver same into the interior of the r ...

Robert W Williams, Vincent Montaruli: Radiant oven for baking bread. May 17, 1983: US04383823 (20 worldwide citation)

This invention provides an oven to produce a desired baking effect while simultaneously providing the bread with a desirable brown coloration in both its top and bottom surfaces. A unique feature of this oven is the provision of a top radiant refractory arch wall and top flame heating to effect a de ...

Robert W Williams: Clamp for anatomical tubes. Jerry R Seiler, December 14, 1976: US03996937 (17 worldwide citation)

A clamp of the disposable or reusable type for anatomical tubes comprises at least three evenly spaced elongated and parallel clamp members all lying along a substantially single plane when the clamp is closed and which members are normally biased to a closed condition. In a preferred embodiment, th ...

Elliot M Meyerowitz, Steven E Clark, Robert W Williams: Plant clavata1 nucleic acids, transformed plants, and proteins. California Institute of Technology, Richard F Trecartin, Robin M Silva, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, January 12, 1999: US05859338 (11 worldwide citation)

The invention generally relates to clavata1 nucleic acids, proteins, and antibodies, and to plants transformed with clavata1 nucleic acids having altered phenotypes.

Robert W Williams, Pasko Rakic: Tissue analyzer. Yale University, Perman & Green, June 5, 1990: US04932044 (11 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for counting particles/cells within a counting box of precisely known volume that is completely inside a transparent section or sample. The box has a chosen height with defined upper and lower limits and appropriately selected width and depth dimensions. It resides completely w ...

Robert W Williams: Method of playing a casino card game. MacMillan Sobanski & Todd, October 19, 2004: US06805353 (10 worldwide citation)

A contract wager and a bonus wager are placed to participate in the card game. A three card player hand is dealt face down to the player, a three card primary dealer hand is dealt face down to the dealer, and a three card dealer secondary hand is dealt face down to the dealer. Then, one of the cards ...