John D Lipps, Stephen J Szczecinski, Robert W Baskette: Sensing spatial movement. Sports Sciences, John L Gray, April 21, 1998: US05741182 (156 worldwide citation)

Apparatus including a video baseball-simulating game and a special bat containing a combination of electronic, mechanical, and optical components for providing infrared radiation or other energy (typically electrical) that is modulated when the player swings the bat and thus actuates a centrifugal s ...

Robert W Baskette, Gregory A Bass: Method and apparatus for switching circuit system including a saturable core device with multiple advantages. Ajax Magnethermic Corporation, Fay Sharpe Fagan Minnich & McKee, February 1, 2000: US06021053 (10 worldwide citation)

An energy-efficient power inverter is disclosed which changes direct current provided at a pair of source terminals to alternating current at load terminals. The power inverter comprises a switch device and snubber circuit including a resistance, a capacitance and a saturable core device for selecti ...

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