Harvey R Sellner, Robert T Wada: Currency discriminator. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, Giarratana, E T Grimes, T P Murphy, September 8, 1981: US04288781 (154 worldwide citation)

A currency discriminator for determining the denomination of a bank note or the like is disclosed. It includes a source of light directed at the note to be identified. A 2 mm.times.80 mm stripe is illuminated and the reflected light from the illuminated area is measured by a detector and converted i ...

James Chua, Peter W Salter, Francis J Kelly, Robert T Wada, Roy Y Fujimoto: Method for intermittent gas-insufflation. Salter Labs, Shoemaker and Mattare, May 6, 1997: US05626131 (61 worldwide citation)

An intermittent gas-insufflation apparatus insufflates a quantity of the gaseous fluid into an entrance of a respiratory system of a breathing patient during an exhalation interval of an immediate breathing cycle and into a subsequent inhalation interval of a successive breathing cycle. The intermit ...

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