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A furcation apparatus for a multi-conductor cable of the type having reinforcing fibers for longitudinal strength. The furcation apparatus includes a furcation spacer having a plurality of passages extending through an interior of the furcation spacer from a first end to a second end. Each passage i ...

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A discretionary interconnect which includes orthogonal arrays of conductors sandwiched between conductive planes and accessible through a number of selectively arranged vias for interconnection and interruption. Also disclosed is a process of personalizing an interconnect of this type by selectively ...

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A system for optically linking processing equipment including a flat ribbon cable containing a plurality of optical fibers supported in a flexible matrix, a connector for optically terminating fibers of the cable including a member having means for receiving and for anchoring the cable to enable the ...

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A control system for a hydroelectric power plant of the run-of-river type wherein the load on the turbine-generator units is matched to the flow of the river so that the units operate at the maximum head available for existing flow conditions to produce the maximum energy available from the river fl ...

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A parallel clocked latch circuit having a plurality of inputs and first and second outputs includes a gate circuit responsive to the plurality of inputs for providing first and second logic output signals which are coupled to the first and second outputs of the parallel clocked latch circuit, respec ...

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Field emission device apparatus employing an integrally formed capacitance and a switch serially connected between a conductive element and a current source to provide substantially continuous emitted electron current during selected charging periods and non-charging periods.


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A flexible beam lead tape having three layers having trace conductors, a dielectric and a ground plane. Vias extend through the dielectric layer at the first and second ends of the electrical conductors for providing versatile connections to either ends of the conductors. The ends of the conductors ...

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A field emission display (100) includes a cathode plate (110) having a plurality of electron emitters (114), an anode plate (122) having an anode (124) connected to a potential source (126), and an anode voltage pull-down circuit (127) having an input (106) and an output (104). Output (104) is conne ...

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This machine includes a header card receiving compartment and a plurality of bill receiving compartments and is adapted to reconcile the notes rejected by a high speed counting and sorting machine. The machine includes reconciling means comprising a platen adapted to receive a batch printout sheet f ...