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Shape memory polymer compositions, articles of manufacture thereof, and methods of preparation and use thereof are described. The shape memory polymer compositions can hold more than one shape in memory. Suitable compositions include at least one hard segment and at least one soft segment. The T

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Applications of low-frequency (20 KHz) ultrasound enhances transdermal transport of high-molecular weight proteins. This method includes a simultaneous application of ultrasound and protein on the skin surface in order to deliver therapeutic doses of proteins across the skin. Examples demonstrate in ...

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A resorbable interbody fusion device for use in spinal fixation is disclosed. The device is composed of 25-100% bioresorbable or resorbable material. The interbody fusion device of the invention can be in any convenient form, such as a wedge, screw or cage. Preferably, the resorbable device of the i ...

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Microchips are provided, which control both the rate and time of release of multiple chemical substances and which allow for the release of a wide variety of molecules in either a continuous or pulsatile manner. In all of the preferred embodiments, a material that is impermeable to the drugs or othe ...

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Methods and artificial matrices for the growth and implantation of cartilaginous structures and surfaces are disclosed. In the preferred embodiments, chondrocytes are grown on biodegradable, biocompatible fibrous polymeric matrices. Optionally, the cells are proliferated in vitro until an adequate c ...

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Particles are provided that are not rapidly cleared from the blood stream by the macrophages of the reticuloendothelial system, and that can be modified to achieve variable release rates or to target specific cells or organs. The particles have a biodegradable solid core containing a biologically ac ...

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Biodegradable shape memory polymer compositions, articles of manufacture thereof, and methods of preparation and use thereof are described. In one embodiment the compositions include at least one hard segment and at least one soft segment. The T.sub.trans of the hard segment is preferably between -3 ...

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A method of enhancing the permeability of the skin or mucosa to an analyte for diagnostic purposed is described utilizing ultrasound or ultrasound plus a chemical enhancer. If desired the ultrasound may be modulated by means of frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, phase modulation and/or comb ...

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Transdermal transport of molecules during sonophoresis (delivery or extraction) can be further enhanced by application of an electric field, for example, electroporation or iontophoresis. In a preferred embodiment the ultrasound is low frequency ultrasound which induces cavitation of the lipid layer ...

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A new series of degradable polymeric matrices were prepared by blending polymers that degrade by hydrolysis such as poly(L-lactic acid)(PLA), and nonionic Pluronic.TM. surfactants, block copolymers of polyethyleneoxide (PEO) and polypropyleneoxide (PPO). The water content of the polymer blend films ...