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A video enable answering machine having many new features including customized video announcement messages, caller ID based video announcement messages, and time based video announcement messages.

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A new architecture capable of utilizing the existing twisted pair interface between customer premises equipment and an associated serving local switching office is used to provide a vast array of new services to customers. Using an intelligent services director (ISD) at the customer services equipme ...

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The present invention sets forth a network-centric service distribution architecture that integrates a wireless access system in the residence, SOHO, business or public environment through the use of a local broadband network, such as a Residential-Business Broadband Network (RBN), to the service pr ...

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A wireless terminal utilizing digital radio processing utilizes stored program control to allow the wireless terminal to operate in a plurality of disposed wireless communication systems. In particular, the digital radio processing with appropriate stored program control operates in a plurality of w ...

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A method of identifying and communicating the existence of Intermittent nodes in a communication network with a mixed TDMA/CSMA-CD MAC frame format, and of preventing these nodes from unnecessarily debasing existing voice channel connections. Information pertaining to intermittent nodes is included ...

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Automatic activation (i.e., first time access) of digital wireless/cellular mobile telephones with a private/localized wireless/cellular system (i.e. a secondary system) occurs within an area having an overlapping macrocellular primary wireless communication system (i.e., a dominant system). Operati ...

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Termination equipment for a WorldNet.TM. wireless network receives packet data from a data terminal of a DirecTV.TM. Settop Box. This data is directed to a recipient through a router and transmitted by wireless or coax LAN to customer premises data equipment. Replies to the network by customer premi ...

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An apparatus that provides a redundant path for providing service using existing or original equipment when failure or degradation of performance of new equipment is detected in a communication network. A controller module monitors the performance of new equipment used to provide improved services t ...

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This invention reduces near-end crosstalk between identical discrete multi-tone (DMT-type) modems by introducing the following modifications to modems at a central office or a subscriber premises. The modifications include: a mechanism for aligning the frames of all modems at the central office (CO) ...

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An architecture is described for providing IP push-to-talk (IPP2T) service using a wireless local area network (WLAN) serving a plurality of subscriber terminals (STs), having at least one broadband access network terminal (BANT), the BANT coupled to and interacting with at least one of a plurality ...