Robert R Moore, Arnold K Cohn: Method and apparatus for tying suture to bone. Orthopedic Systems, Limbach & Limbach, October 5, 1993: US05250055 (145 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for arthroscopic attachment of a suture to bone by drilling parallel holes in the bone with a cannula and drill guide and passing a suture down one hole through soft bone into the other hole and retrieving the suture through the second hole.

Robert R Moore, Steve R Lamb: Hemispherical vectoring needle guide for discolysis. Bielen and Peterson, February 9, 1988: US04723544 (143 worldwide citation)

A vectographic guide device for an injection needle in discolysis procedures the device having a target structure and a positioning component on which a guide mount for a needle guide is attached, the target structure and positioning component being supported by an adjustment mechanism attached to a ...

Robert R Moore, Steve Lamb, Eugene M Wolf: Glenohumeral ligament repair. Bielen and Peterson, October 10, 1989: US04872451 (141 worldwide citation)

A ligament repair kit and procedure for installing a cannulated bone screw and ligament washer to retain ligament at a bone site using a first cannula in conjunction with selected obturators to engage and relocate ligament and in conjunction with a drill bit to drill a bone hole for anchoring, and u ...

Robert R Moore, Steve R Lamb, Larry W Lamoreux, Michael H McTeigue: Spine motion analyzer and method. Orthopedic Systems, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, August 16, 1994: US05337758 (127 worldwide citation)

Spine motion analyzer and method in which a self-aligning measurement linkage is attached to the subject above and below the portion of the spine in which motion is to be monitored. Mounts are provided for attaching the ends of the linkage in fixed positions near the sacrum, beneath the scapulae, an ...

Joseph G Birmingham, Robert R Moore: Reactive bed plasma air purification. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Army, Anthony T Lane, Edward Goldberg, Michael C Sachs, September 4, 1990: US04954320 (105 worldwide citation)

The Reactive Bed Plasma is a novel air purification and material processing evice which may efficiently treat both toxic chemicals and hazardous aerosols. The Reactive Bed Plasma device embodies an active alternating current discharge plasma permeating a dielectric packed bed. Advantages of this dev ...

Robert R Moore: Needle guide apparatus for discolysis procedures. Bielen and Peterson, January 27, 1987: US04638799 (83 worldwide citation)

A needle guide apparatus for accurate insertion of an elongated injection needle into a select intervertebral disc for injection of a lysing agent or dye, particularly during discolysis procedures, the needle guide apparatus includes a mount for connecting the apparatus to a conventional operating t ...

E Trent Andrews, Robert R Moore, Steven R Lamb: Spinal surgery table. Orthopedic Systems, Bielen Peterson & Lampe, August 29, 1995: US05444882 (82 worldwide citation)

A surgery table utilizing a frame member which is supported on a ground surface, A platform is connected to the frame member and includes a laterally movable portion which supports a patient. The table also includes a torso support which is connected to and moves with the laterally movable portion o ...

E Trent Andrews, Steve R Lamb, Robert R Moore: Anesthetic supply valve and adapter for masks. Bielen & Peterson, March 26, 1985: US04506665 (66 worldwide citation)

An adapter and valve kit for replacement of a conventional anesthetic mask fitting, the adapter connecting to the anesthetic supply orifice of the mask and providing a quick disconnect coupler to a valve fitting, the valve fitting having a spring loaded poppet valve activated by a plunger which cont ...

Robert R Moore, Arnold K Cohn: Apparatus for attaching suture to bone. Orthopedic Systems, Limbach & Limbach, October 5, 1999: US05961530 (49 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for use in arthroscopically attaching a suture to bone comprises a cannula and drill guide for use in drilling parallel holes in the bone and a scissors-like component for carrying a suture down one hole and pushing the suture through soft bone into the other hole where it can be retrie ...

Robert R Moore, Steve R Lamb: Arthroscopic leg holder. Bielen and Peterson, July 2, 1985: US04526355 (45 worldwide citation)

A mechanical arthroscopic leg holder for supporting and clamping a patient's leg in a desired position for examination or operation, the holder having an adjustable mounting post engageable with a standard operating table side rail holder. The mounting post supports a positioning plate and connected ...

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