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An apparatus, program product and method utilize subgroup-specific leader members to exchange group data between group members during the handling of a request to organize members into a group in a clustered computer system, e.g., when handling a membership change operation such as a merge or join. ...

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An electronic scheduling calendar is made more useful to a user by merging to-do list items onto an event list schedule. A user can assign priorities to the to-do list items and estimates of how much time is required to complete each item. Then, upon request by the user, the to-do list items will be ...

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A laser beam is applied to a substrate to separate the substrate at that portion of the substrate to which the laser beam is applied and the laser beam is displaced relative to the substrate to part or separate the substrate along a path defined by such relative displacement. A localized fracture, w ...

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The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for processing data-centric business models. An execution engine accesses a commingled data-centric application model that includes a data model for a data store and a business logic model for interacting with data enti ...

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A semiconductor transistor has a structure including a semiconductor substrate, a source region, a drain region and a channel region in between the source region and the drain region. A metal gate, having a top conductive portion of tungsten is provided above the channel region. A first silicon nitr ...

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Ceramic substrates, and the like, are parted by reflecting a focused laser beam off a mirrored surface so that the focal point of the beam impinges upon the lower surface of the substrate at an extreme edge thereof. The impingement of the focused beam creates a precisely defined localized fracture i ...

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A pulsed or Q-switched laser removes material from a workpiece during a numerically-controlled machining process. The amount of material removed after each laser pulse is monitored by measuring the time taken for the shock waves generated by the laser pulse to traverse the remaining portion of the w ...

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An irrigation controller for selectively turning on and off a set of sprinkler valve stations. The irrigation controller is programmable by a user. The irrigation controller includes an irrigation control processor. The irrigation control processor includes an input port, an output port, a memory el ...

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An apparatus, program product and method initiate a restart of a node in a clustered computer system using a member of a clustering group that resides on a different node from that to be restarted. Typically, a restart operation is initiated by the member in response to a membership change message s ...

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A water insoluble, biocompatible composition composed of an acyl derivative of a polyanionic polysaccharide, a carbodiimide, and optionally, a nucleophile.