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An optical oral or mouth probe which is utilized for the three-dimensional measurement or surveying of teeth possesses a highly-resoluting two-dimensional point-by-point freely-programmable projection unit, which generates a digitalized projection pattern from a computer in accordance with a program ...

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3D tooth measurement by means of an optical probe wherein a prior matting treatment of the tooth to be measured can be dispensed with. The consequential reflection-dependent measuring errors are compensated by an error correction method.

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For automatic optical classification of plants an image of in each case one plant is captured by a color video camera. The color video signals furnished by the color video camera are digitized and classified pixelwise in predetermined color classes which are associated on the one hand with the image ...

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For largely automated production of artificial limbs or adapted moldings, digitized three-dimensional image data of the shape of body or body parts are obtained, particularly of human body parts or limbs. The body or body part is covered by a thin, tight-fitting, preferably elastic envelope carrying ...

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For measuring and/or monitoring properties of yarns or ropes with the aid of an image sensor a two-dimensional image of a portion of the yarn or rope is acquired and converted to electrical image signals. The image signals are digitized in image point manner and stored in an image signal memory at m ...

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To sort materials, in particular plastic parts, the items are carried at known conveying speed past a material recognition system which uses non-contact scanning, for example NIR spectroscopy, of each item to determine its material type and delivers a signal that identifies the type of material, whi ...

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The colour control of products is carried out with colour sensitive image-forming sensors such as colour matrix, colour line or colour point scanners by calculating from the signals supplied by these sensors one or several multidimensional histograms of the colour vector components both for a refere ...

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A method for the optical three dimensional measurement of a tooth without calibration bodies. An optical projection system projects a pattern onto a tooth, and an optical imaging system images the pattern projected thereon, from a first position in space and subsequently from a second position in sp ...

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For controlling the quality of the needles of a knitting machine a test image of each needle is acquired with the aid of an image sensor when the needle is moved out of its rest position for forming a stitch. The analog image signals obtained on reading out the image sensor are converted to digital ...

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The sensor (20) is intended for the detection of random signals, suitable for correlative signal processing, originating from a process in motion relative to the sensor, for example a flow passing through a pipeline (1). Signals of this nature are used, in particular, for the measurement of velocity ...