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A wholly aromatic polyester is provided which has been found to be highly amenable to melt extrusion to yield high performance fibers. Such fibers following thermal treatment exhibit high tenacity and tensile modulus properties which are well retained at elevated temperatures while exhibiting a low ...

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In order to reduce the rate of coke formation during the industrial pyrolysis of hydrocarbons, the interior surface of the reactor tubes are coated with a thin layer of a ceramic material, said layer being deposited by thermal decomposition of a non-oxygen containing silicon organometallic precursor ...

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Nonlinear optical compounds having structures with delocalized resonance configurations corresponding to: ##STR1## wherein A.sub.1 and A.sub.2 are independently selected from electron withdrawing moieties; R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are independently selected from aromatic rings, heteroaromatic rings and f ...

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A gradient index glass comprised of (SiO.sub.2).sub.m (R.sub.2 O).sub.n X.sub.p, wherein R is Li, Na, K, Rb, or Cs, and X=TiO.sub.2, ZrO.sub.2 and/or HfO.sub.2, m is 44 to 99, n is 0.25 to 20, p is at least 0.1, and m+n+p=100. The gradient index glass is obtained by: (1) mixing a silicon alkoxide an ...

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A novel polyester is provided which has been found to exhibit an anisotropic melt phase at a temperature which enables it readily to undergo melt processing to form quality fibers, molded articles, etc. The polyester of the present invention is different in character than polyesters of the prior art ...

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Provided is a process for melt spinning a partially oriented yarn of increased birefringence, and hence higher orientation, for a given wind-up speed. The process comprises extruding a molten fiber forming polyester through a shaped orifice to form a molten filamentary material, which is then passed ...

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An optical waveguide is provided. The optical waveguide includes a polymer substrate and a lower cladding disposed on the substrate. The lower cladding is a first perhalogenated polymer. The optical waveguide also includes a core disposed on at least a portion of the lower cladding. A method of manu ...

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Ceramic fibers are prepared from improved preceramic fibers having a core comprising an organosilicon preceramic polymer and at least one co-spun sheath layer comprising a synthetic film-forming polymer.

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Preceramic fibers are produced by dissolving a solid organosilicon preceramic polymer in a solvent to form a spinning solution containing at least seventy percent polymer solids, dry spinning and extracting solvent in the presence of a non-oxidizing gas at a temperature and pressure sufficient to va ...

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Anisotropic dopes having a polymer content of at least about 20% by weight of the dope are provided. The dope may be spun into fibers, extruded as films or utilized as a fracturing agent in subterranean formations. The preparation of the dope involves dissolving a polymer selected from the group con ...