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The burner system is adapted for retrofit into the combustion chambers of firetube boilers. The burner is comprised of a hollow shell molded from a porous ceramic fiber matrix. Fuel and air reactants flow outwardly through the fiber matrix shell and are combusted along a shallow reaction zone on the ...

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Combustion process and apparatus which includes a monolith bed through which a mixture of fuel and oxidizer reactants is directed. The initial segment of the bed is formed with cells of an optimum size for causing the reactants to undergo heterogeneous combustion without blowout. One or more downstr ...

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Water heaters are provided which exhibit improved efficiency and emissions performance over conventional water heaters, comprising condensing heat exchanger means and infrared fiber matrix burner means to achieve said improved performance.

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A gaseous fuel burner and method in which a high-firing rate (blue/non-surface radiant) zone is created between two lower firing rate (red/surface radiant) combustion zones. The method of the invention can be achieved by selective perforation of porous sintered fiber mat burner surfaces to achieve i ...

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A gas-fired radiant tube that employs heterogeneous catalytic combustion, and a high combustion efficiency, low NO.sub.x catalytic combustion radiant tube heating system, incorporating the radiant tube, are disclosed. In the system, essentially mirror image, combined inlet/exhaust units containing h ...

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The disposal of troublesome substances, especially global-warming halogenated compounds is difficult enough, but is particularly difficult when associated with particulate-forming matter, such as silane and arsine commonly encountered in waste gas streams of the semiconductor industry. The combustiv ...

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A gas-fired, forced air furnace system employing a fiber matrix burner element and a condensing-type heat exchanger to achieve both high system thermal efficiency and low emission of NO.sub.X and other gaseous pollutants. The value of excess air in the fuel-air reactants supplied to the ceramic fibe ...

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A peep sight for use with an archer's bow is fabricated from a non-opaque material to which a light enhancing color has been added. The available light is thereby intensified in the peep sight so that visibility is increased at low light levels. The peep sight has four notched corners for mounting t ...

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A porous, low-conductivity material formed of metal or ceramic fibers provides the burner face of a gaseous fuel combustor for gas turbines capable of minimizing nitrogen oxides (NO

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A fired heater incorporating radiant tube sections in the combustion chamber. Radiant burners mounted in the chamber side walls combust reactants flamelessly and transfer thermal energy inwardly to the radiant section tubes. Certain of the embodiments include tube coils forming convection sections w ...