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An application program interface includes a first class to provide information regarding a current HTTP request. The application program interface also includes a second class to manage HTTP output to a client and an object to provide access to server-side utilities and processes. Particular applica ...

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A graphical, interactive debugger for a computer-based discrete-event simulation model of systems having parallel processes includes a run-time graphic user interface module in which predefined events of the executing simulation model are animated, and a run-time interface simulator module for contr ...


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A web page rendering mechanism in which a computing system generating a web page from a web page definition. A web page class is compiled from the web page definition. The theme-specific properties are described separate from the web page definition in theme-oriented text documents that are compiled ...

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An application program interface (API) provides a set of functions for application developers who build Web applications on Microsoft Corporation's .NETâ„¢ platform.

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A web page editor displays a web page including at least two elements that are at least partially overlapping. The web page editor includes an element selection mechanism displaying a list of overlapping elements of the web page at a selected point on the web page. The element selection mechanism al ...

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The present invention relates to systems and methods for employing a trigger based mechanism to detect changes in a database table, providing a notification when the database table changes and registering to receive the notification. The systems and methods employ a listeners table to store informat ...

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A timing gear belt and pulley drive apparatus for a precision winder characterized by permitting a change in wind ratios by varying the speed ratio between the winder traverse assembly and the winder chuck assembly without the removal and replacement of gear pulleys. The precision winder drive appar ...

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The described systems and methods are directed at persisting data between web pages. A server receives object-related data associated with a first web page and a request for posting to a second web page from a client. The object-related data includes information about the objects in the first web pa ...

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The described systems and methods are directed at defining web content navigation. The disclosed technique enables the development of web content for a scenario without having to create every navigational control that is needed to manage the flow through the web content in the scenario or to write n ...