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A method and apparatus is provided for facilitating operator interaction with a data processing system which includes a menu-formatted graphical user interface. The menu-formatted graphical user interface is provided on a display in the data processing system for interaction with the operator, and i ...

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The present invention is directed of a method for centralized storage of user and application information where user and application information can be added, deleted, modified, updated, and enhanced to customize user compute environments and to improve overall system administration and oversight. T ...

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The menu hierarchy of one or more computer programs on one or more computer systems is visually displayed in a graphical tree structure to facilitate the navigation by a user from one menu in a hierarchical structure of menus to another. Navigation from one menu to another is accomplished by selecti ...

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Disclosed is a computer system user interface that includes a window frame with a window title bar icon. The title bar icon replaces the conventional window title bar and it increases the usable client area of the window without decreasing the number of functions available to the user.

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An electronic calendaring method for use in a data processing system which includes a plurality of interactive terminals which are interconnected to permit an end user at each terminal to interchange information with each other and to maintain an electronic calendar. The method facilitates the reply ...

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The automatic access of processes running on a computer is made possible by the display of graphic icons corresponding to the processes. A user can manipulate data in a table and then select a view function which results in the display of icons corresponding to potentially valid processes for the da ...

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