Daniel B Granzow Jr, Robert J Froehlich: Blood warming apparatus. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Henry W Collins, Paul C Flattery, George H Gerstman, September 11, 1979: US04167663 (114 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for warming blood and other parental fluids as they are infused through a disposable flow system includes a pair of heating elements which heat the blood as it passes through a warming bag provided in the flow system. The heating elements are recurringly switched on and off with a duty ...

Robert J Froehlich: System and method for combining film images. Leo J Aubel, January 20, 1981: US04245906 (5 worldwide citation)

A system for optically combining two images that may be photographed with a camera as a single image. The system is specifically adapted to generate slides in which lettering or graphic designs may be superimposed over various background patterns.

Robert K Rusteberg, Robert J Froehlich: Semen thaw system. Robert E Wagner, Leo J Aubel, February 8, 1977: US04007367 (5 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an apparatus for thawing frozen semen for use in artificial insemination of animals. More particularly, the system relates to an apparatus for thawing semen while retaining maximum cell yield by minimizing loss of semen activity.