Robert G Husome, Ron J Fleming, Ron E Swanson: Color sorting system. Johnson Farm Machinery Co, Acurex Corporation, Townsend and Townsend, December 26, 1978: US04131540 (28 worldwide citation)

A tomato sorter is described for removing culls, e.g. green tomatoes from the good, red tomatoes. An image of each tomato passing the station is formed on a light diffusing plate. Diffused light from the plate is divided into first and second light beams from which all but the red and the green ligh ...

Robert G Husome: Print head. Paul F Horton, April 10, 1990: US04915517 (5 worldwide citation)

A print head for the print wire impact type dot matrix printer, including means for producing a gas flow into a sealed print head housing and through tubular linear bearings of an end guide to prevent migration of ribbon ink into the bearings and the housing. Sufficient gas pressure is provided to c ...