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A television converter uses digital signal processing (DSP) to provide compatibility with different television standards including NTSC and PAL video standards and FM, BTSC, DIN, Home Theatre, NICAM and independent digital audio standards. Audio processing is accomplished without passing the audio t ...

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A prosthetic heart valve having spaced apart anchoring flanges that change shape when the valve is implanted and contact the surrounding annulus to prevent migration of the valve. The heart valve may be non-expandable and the anchoring flanges may provide the primary anchoring structure of the valve ...

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An electric arc welding system includes programming circuits for controlling the position of a welding torch on a carriage wherein the carriage is caused to move along in the direction of a weld path on a member to be welded. The programming circuits cause the torch to move back and forth across the ...

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A programmed welding system is described which automatically controls weld current, electrode travel rate, and weld duration time in an orbital type welder. Each program is carried on a single card bearing a number of resistors of which each controls one of the various parameters that is peculiar to ...

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A method, computer program product and electronic device are provided for providing hyper-local geo-targeting based on validated, user-supplied geographic information, wherein the user's anonymity may be maintained. In particular, user-supplied geographic information may be collected in association ...

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An application and system for inspecting an email message to determine if the email message is being used in a phishing ploy. When an email recipient receives an email message, the email message is sent to an EScam server for inspection. During its inspection, the EScam server considers various crit ...

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The clear coat composition for french fries is a combination of an acetylated starch, a dextrin, and a rice flour. The acetylated starch has an acetyl content of 1.5% to 2.5% and is made from a starch obtained from a plant having a genotype selected from the group consisting of dull sugary-2 and amy ...

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A module support for forming a unitary display preferably from containers having outwardly extending access panels. In particular, a common module support for creating an array from two or more container modules is provided. The module support may be advantageously utilized as a stand alone display ...

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The carotenoid component of corn starch was found to contribute to the corn flavor of the corn starch. The food product made with a carotenoid-free starch which has been extracted from a corn kernel is bland in flavor.

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A method for minimizing the distortion of the isodose contours created by tissue surface irregularities and for targeting the depth of maximum dose at an effective tissue depth during radiation therapy to a treatment field from a source is described. The method comprises the steps of: (i) placing an ...