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A spinal fixation assembly includes a fusion cage to which a plate is mated. The plate is configured to receive, retain and orient bone screws.

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A trial implant and trial implant kit for assisting a physician in selecting an appropriately sized prosthesis is provided. In one embodiment, the trial medical implant device includes a body formed from a radio-lucent material and having a size and shape adapted to fit within or adjacent to an inte ...

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An method and apparatus is provided for achieving stability of an implant in an intervertebral space of the human body, including an implant having a superior surface and an inferior surface, the surfaces having no significant protrusions extending therefrom and at least one modular projection matea ...

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A spinal fixation assembly is provided including a fusion cage with posterior, anterior, superior, and inferior faces, and a plate having at least one aperture for receiving a bone screw and having a mating element adapted to slidably engage and mate to the anterior face of the fusion cage. The cage ...

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A DC to AC power inverter having a housing with an AC power port for receiving an AC power module and a control port for receiving a control panel module.

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Spinal fixation plates for maintaining adjacent vertebrae in and fixed position are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the plate includes opposed superior and inferior portions that are angled in a direction anterior to an anterior face of a mid-portion of the plate. The plate also includes a cur ...

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A kit, primarily for use in marketing customer supplies, e.g. checks, check books, and check book covers, which is the form of a three panel per side portfolio, including a pocket for order forms, clear plastic coating on one face of the portfolio blank which folds and is second to provide six panel ...

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An electrostatic RF absorbant circuit carrier assembly (200) is described as having a plastic support structure (100) which consists of an integrally fashioned base (180) and surrounding sidewalls (170) which together form an internal cavity (185). A plurality of conductor paths (125,165) are dispos ...

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This invention is directed to spiro-oxindole compounds of formula (I): wherein k, j, Q, R1, R2a, R2b, R2c, R2d, R3a, R3b, R3c, and R3d are as defined herein, as a stereoisomer, enantiomer, tautomer thereof or mixtures thereof; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate or prodrug thereof, which ...

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A method and apparatus for circuit conditioning, such as for providing power factor correction, is provided, using existing or minimal additional circuitry, at minimal or no additional cost to the manufacture of the circuit. The circuit conditioning is implemented by controlling an output side of th ...