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Methods and apparatuses are described for determining the presence of an analyte in a sample suspected of containing the analyte. The method comprises contacting a concentrate of a determinable element capable of being detected by means of a semiconductive electrode with the electrode in the presenc ...

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A method of treating a target region in a body lumen, said method comprising: directing a uniform dose of ultrasonic energy from an interior of the lumen radially outward over a treatment length of the lumen, wherein the dosage of ultrasonic energy received at any one point along the length varies b ...

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Chromatographic immunoassay employing a specific binding pair member and a label conjugate which delineates a border whose distance from one end of the chromatograph relates to the amount of analyte present. By combining the label conjugate and sample in a solution and immunochromatographing the sol ...

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Method and compositions are provided for performing homogeneous immunoassays. The method involves having a signal producing system, which provides a detectable signal, which system includes a macromolecular member. The determination of the analyte, which is a member of a specific binding pair consis ...

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Methods and reagents are provided for immunoassays employing as reagents a labelled receptor, where the label is capable of providing a detectable signal, and modifying reagents, capable of modifying the signal obtained from the label. When ligand (ligand analog for monoepitopic ligands) is present ...

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Methods and compositions are provided for performing an assay on whole blood samples. The method is for a determination of an analyte which is a member of a specific binding pair (sbp) consisting of ligand and homologous receptor. The method involves a binding agent for the red blood cells in such s ...

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Methods and compositions are provided for concentrating particles in a minute area on a solid surface. The method permits the detection of small amounts of analytes by providing for an observable signal in relation to the concentration of particles in the area.

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A fluorescent labelling composition comprises a linear polysaccharide backbone molecule having a plurality of target-binding molecules, such as antibodies or nucleic acids, attached at spaced-apart intervals thereon. Each of the target-binding molecules, in turn, includes a multiplicity of fluoresce ...