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A method for percutaneously accessing the lumbar region of the spinal column by laterally inserting a cannula through the patient's side above the pelvic crest to contact a predetermined position in the lumbar region and passing objects such as medical instruments through the cannula. This method is ...

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An apparatus for stabilizing a plurality of bone segments, such as vertebrae of a spinal column, comprises one or more fixation devices. Each fixation device comprises an elongated rod having a longitudinal slot through its upper and lower surfaces and having threaded lateral surfaces. Slotted or ax ...

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A portable stereotactic guidance having coordinated targeting and delivery assemblies. Aligning and orientating a medical instrument in a three-dimensional plane by specific cartesian coordinates or live imaging. The device may operate in conjunction with an X-Ray or CT scanner so as to image a pati ...


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A tracking radar error signal that is independent of pulse to pulse variations of amplitude of the received signal is derived by combining separately detected sum signal energy and difference signal energy in a manner that provides composite error signal pulses that are one-half sum signal energy an ...