Robert D Shomo: Shock and vibration absorbent handle. Robert G Mentag, April 28, 1987: US04660832 (107 worldwide citation)

A shock and vibration handle for application to the hand gripping portion of the normal handle of an impacted, vibration sensitive item, such as, a tennis racket, a racquetball racket, a golf club, a baseball bat, and other impact devices, such as hammers, and the like. The shock and vibration absor ...

Robert D Shomo: Folding bicycle. Robert G Mentag, November 29, 1983: US04417745 (40 worldwide citation)

A folding bicycle with a hinged frame comprising a front portion and a rear portion. The front and rear frame portions are connected by a hinge structure which permits the front frame portion to be rotated about the vertical axis of the hinge structure to a position against the rear frame portion fo ...

Robert D Shomo: Torque indicator socket. Charles C Valauskas, March 6, 2001: US06196071 (4 worldwide citation)

A system by which the torque applied to a fastener such as a bolt or nut may be measured simply and accurately. More particularly, the invention relates to apparatus and methods by which the torque applied to a fastener by a socket wrench can be measured through a simplified extension element accura ...

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