Randy Ekl
Robert D LoGalbo, Randy L Ekl, Ron Rotstein, Christopher G Ware: Methods for delivery in a wireless communications network. Motorola, Randi L Karpinia, Indira Saladi, August 5, 2008: US07408931 (6 worldwide citation)

Methods for delivery of multicast packets in a wireless communication system are disclosed. The methods comprise transmitting a contention free period initiation signal from an access point to the station, transmitting broadcast packets from the access point to the station, transmitting multicast pa ...

Randy Ekl
Shmuel Silverman, Randy L Ekl, Robert D LoGalbo, Ron Rotstein: Medium access control for simultaneous channel communications. Motorola, Randi L Karpinia, June 3, 2008: US07382758 (6 worldwide citation)

A method and system for wireless data transmission between at least three stations use multiple frequency bands for simultaneous channel communications. The method includes transmitting a Request To Send (RTS) packet from a first station to an intermediate second station over a first frequency band. ...

Randy Ekl
Randy L Ekl, George Popovich, Shmuel Silverman, Robert D LoGalbo: Method for performing a seamless handoff in a communication system. Motorola, Terri S Hughes, Indira Saladi, June 6, 2006: US07058030 (5 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method for performing handoff in a communication system of access points and a mobile station, where the mobile station is associated with a first access point. The first access point receives a first transmission at a first signal quality from the mobile station and receives a second ...

Bradley M Hiben, Donald G Newberg, Robert D Logalbo: Method and apparatus for automatic frequency and bandwidth control. Motorola, James A Coffing, November 7, 1995: US05465410 (138 worldwide citation)

An FM receiver (100) that includes a plurality of filtering elements (120-124) that have various center frequencies and bandwidths that adjust to maximize the signal quality of a desired signal (104) recovers the desired signal (104) by inputting the desired signal (104) to each of the plurality of ...

David P Helm, Alan L Wilson, Robert D LoGalbo: Method and apparatus for performing diversity voting in a communication system. Motorola, Daniel C Crilly, February 17, 1998: US05719871 (41 worldwide citation)

A communication system (200) employs a method and apparatus for performing diversity voting in the communication system. A comparator (206) receives a signal frame (207-209) of code words from each of multiple signal sources (202-204). A prioritized code word of each signal frame occupies a correspo ...

Bradley M Hiben, Kevin G Doberstein, Donald G Newberg, Robert D Logalbo: Time and bandwidth scalable slot for mobile data system. Motorola, Steve R Santema, Terri S Hughes, April 13, 2004: US06721267 (39 worldwide citation)

A scalable slot format defining positions of synchronization symbols, pilot symbols and data symbols for various numbers of sub-channels and various lengths of time in a multi-carrier communication system. An initial pattern (

Robert D LoGalbo, Bradley M Hiben, Mark C Cudak: Method for enhancing signal quality in a simulcast communication system. Motorola, Christopher P Moreno, Timothy W Markinson, June 6, 1995: US05423059 (35 worldwide citation)

In a simulcast communication system (100), a communication unit (110-115) may request enhanced coverage area services by transmitting a request for enhanced signal quality to a central simulcast controller (101). Upon receipt, the central simulcast controller (101) identifies, based on information p ...

Robert D LoGalbo, Alan P Conrad, Gregory A Dertz, Bradley M Hiben, Donald G Newberg: Slot format and acknowledgement method for a wireless communication system. Motorola, Indira Saladi, Steven R Santema, September 20, 2005: US06947446 (23 worldwide citation)

A slot format and acknowledgment method for use in a communication network that contains one or more wireless links. The slot format provides for the segmenting and reassembly of packets for transport over a wireless link. It also provides support for multiple types of service for the data being car ...

Robert D Logalbo, Alan P Conrad, Darrell J Stogner, Jeffrey S Anderson: Methods of addressing and signaling a plurality of subscriber units in a single slot. Motorola, Terri S Hughes, August 9, 2005: US06928065 (21 worldwide citation)

In a system having at least a first slot (104) and a first header (106), at least one field is provided in the first header (106). The first slot (104) is configured into at least a first segment and a second segment or into at least a signaling communications path comprising a plurality of messages ...

Robert D LoGalbo, Mark C Cudak, Bradley M Hiben: Synchronization method and apparatus. Motorola, Wayne J Egan, June 15, 1993: US05220676 (20 worldwide citation)

An improved synchronization method and apparatus, according to the invention, is provided. According to the invention, in a simulcast system having a remote site receiving frames from a base site, each frame containing a predetermined number (k) of transmit sample periods, and the transmit sample cl ...