Robert D Lewis: Face mask seal. A T O, September 11, 1979: US04167185 (167 worldwide citation)

A resiliently flexible sealing element, conformable to the face of a wearer, in the form of a re-entrant flap is hingedly joined to and supported by a mask body in a spaced relationship thereto. The sealing element extends parametrically around the open side of the mask body and in selected location ...

Chester W Hallett, John Felegi Jr, William F Fry, Ernest B Nute Jr, Robert D Lewis, Alfred H Adey: Foamed composite panel with improved acoustics and durability. AWI Licensing Company, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC, July 22, 2003: US06596389 (33 worldwide citation)

An acoustical panel formed from a fibrous, open-celled material comprised of up to about 50% by weight fibers, between about 3% and about 10% by weight binder, between about 20% and about 75% by weight filler and about 0.01% to about 2.0% by weight surfactant. Additionally, voids are formed within t ...

Robert D Lewis: Statistical analysis and feedback system for sports employing a projectile. Joseph T Regard, March 16, 1999: US05882269 (28 worldwide citation)

A sports practicing aid and its method of use which includes graphic indicia in the form of a diagrammatic depiction of a typical golfing hole to be used at a driving range or other practice area which is employed by its user for recording thereon the user's shot pattern established during the cours ...

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Gel particle dye liquors for imparting color to textiles are disclosed. The gel particles are prepared by mixing a first composition comprising a alginic acid or an alginic acid derivative with a second composition comprising a mixture of at least one monovalent chloride salt and at least one polyva ...

Milton A Fong, Todd D Hellewell, Robert D Lewis, Charles Q Maney, Srivats Srinivasachar, Majed A Toqan, David P Towle: Minimum recirculation flame control (MRFC) pulverized solid fuel nozzle tip. Combustion Engineering, Arthur E Fournier Jr, July 18, 2000: US06089171 (15 worldwide citation)

A minimum recirculation flame control (MRFC) solid fuel nozzle tip (12) that is suited to being cooperatively associated with a pulverized solid fuel nozzle (34) of a firing system in a pulverized solid fuel-fired furnace (10). The MRFC solid fuel nozzle tip (12) includes a secondary air shroud (46) ...

Robert D Lewis: Strap connector and method of making the same. HSC Corporation, Eugene C Knoblock, April 1, 1986: US04578843 (10 worldwide citation)

A strap connector and method of making the same. The connector includes a latch socket and a latch pin which have an interference fit. The socket and pin form a connector which has a hinge action. The method of forming the connector includes injection molding the socket of the connector onto the end ...

Robert D Lewis: Multi-colored pattern bonded fabric. Armstrong Cork Company, March 13, 1979: US04144366 (10 worldwide citation)

The method and product disclosed herein result in a needle-bonded fabric having a tufted fabric visual. This is accomplished by needling an unconsolidated web consisting of layers of two or more different colored fibers with a needle board having a reduced needle density and wherein the needles are ...

Robert D Lewis: Additive-solvent process to form embossed product. Armstrong Cork Company, April 7, 1981: US04260390 (5 worldwide citation)

A pile fabric is treated overall with a solution containing a solvent for the fiber comprising the pile fabric. The solvent concentration of the solution is of a low enough level to produce little or no shrinkage by itself upon subsequent application of heat. Portions of the fabric before heating ar ...

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An air compartment of a corner windbox of a tangential firing system of a fossil fuel-fired furnace for injecting secondary air into the furnace. The air compartment includes a channel portion with an entrance end communicating with an air delivery duct and an exit end communicating via an exit asse ...

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An aqueous-based nylon fiber shrinking composition which can be formulated into a print paste is disclosed. The resulting print paste exhibits excellent viscosity stability and can be applied to nylon pile fabric to produce print-embossed pattern fabric.