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A power stealing system having a switch and a circuit that takes power from equipment to operate control electronics. The system may be such that power stealing occurs while the equipment is not powered to avoid disruption or false signals in the electronics or equipment. The circuit may convey take ...

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The present invention, in illustrative embodiments, includes methods and devices for reducing power consumption in a thermostat by adjusting pulse levels (duration and/or voltage) that are used to control an HVAC relay in light of variations of ambient conditions or other relay conditions. In some i ...

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A programmable controller for homes and/or buildings and their related grounds, such as thermostat, that has a display and an external interface. The external interface may be use for uploading electronic images and/or other information from an external data source, and may use the uploaded electron ...

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A local station and a remote station are connected by a single pair of conductors. The local station communicates with the remote station by modulating a power supply within the local station which provides power on the conductor pair for operating the remote station. The remote station modulates it ...

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A method and apparatus for providing calibrated and linearized flow sensors for VAV systems with the sensor corrected for device/electronic/drift/and field air turbulence characteristics using factory calibrated flow or pressure sensors with output modified by a transfer function incorporated into a ...

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A switch state assurance mechanism of a power stealing circuit for connection to a thermostatically controlled or other kind of operational system. The mechanism may be an interface for the power stealing circuit to the operational system. A switch or relay of the mechanism may have several states b ...

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Methods, devices and systems for coupling an HVAC controller to an HVAC system are provided. In several embodiments, a sub-base is provided allowing an HVAC controller to be coupled to a printed wire board to allow, in some cases, modification of the HVAC controller function. The sub-base may includ ...

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A flow sensor package having dual porous integral restrictors and a substantial bend between an inlet and a passage for housing the flow sensor and connecting the inlet to an outlet.

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A method for quick and low cost calibration of a sensor to remove span and offset errors. Span and offset errors are removed using a circuit which produces a corrected output signal as a function of calculated gain and offset values. The gain and offset values are calculated by first measuring an un ...