Robert D Hennessey, Timothy G La Rocque: Hopper and filter chamber for direct forward throw sweeper. Tennant Company, Kinzer Plyer Dorn McEachran & Jambor, April 19, 1994: US05303448 (148 worldwide citation)

In a direct forward throw sweeper, improvements related to a door for closing the opening into the hopper permit backing away from a debris receptacle with the hopper door open after dumping a load of debris without damage to the machine. An attachment part is provided for connecting a vacuum pickup ...

Robert D Hennessey, Michael S Wilmo: No-tool brush changing means. Tennant Company, Kinzer Plyer Dorn McEachran & Jambor, August 3, 1993: US05231725 (17 worldwide citation)

A self-propelled industrial cleaning machine has a cylindrical horizontally mounted rotatable cleaning brush. There is a torsionally rigid connecting member extending generally parallel to the brush. A rigid arm is attached to each end of the connecting member, with each arm supporting an end of the ...

Gregory J Engel, Robert D Hennessey, Timothy G LaRocque, Terence A Peterson: Sweeper with dual seal filter. Tennant Company, Dorn McEachran Jambor & Keating, July 15, 1997: US05647093 (16 worldwide citation)

A sweeping machine includes a sweeping brush, a hopper having an inlet for receiving debris from said sweeping brush, an opening in said hopper and a vacuum system for creating an air flow path from the hopper inlet through the opening. There is a filter positioned in the hopper opening and a periph ...

Robert D Hennessey, Michael S Wilmo: Damage resistant recirculation flap. Tennant Company, Kinzer Plyer Dorn McEachran & Jambor, January 11, 1994: US05276933 (16 worldwide citation)

A surface maintenance machine includes a cylindrical brush mounted in the machine for rotation about a generally horizontal axis extending transverse to the direction of machine movement. A recirculation flap is attached to the machine and extends generally coextensively with the brush and parallel ...

Ralph C Peabody, Robert D Hennessey: Dust control for power floor treating apparatus. Tennant Company, Orrin M Haugen, September 14, 1976: US03979789 (16 worldwide citation)

A power floor treating assembly having an improved arrangement for housing and mounting the rotary brush or other floor maintenance tool for sealing the brush or tool enclosure from ambient. The apparatus includes a main frame along with a powered output shaft for driving the rotary brush. Housing m ...


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