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A nonwoven fabric-like material having a unique combination of strength, absorbency and hand consists essentially of an air-formed matrix of thermoplastic polymer microfibers having an average fiber diameter of less than about 10 microns, and a multiplicity of individualized wood pulp fibers dispose ...

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A method of making agglomerated cellulosic particles, particularly useful as a cat litter, comprises agglomerating a moist blend of fibers, aggregates of fibers, and/or fiber-sized pieces of a fibrous cellulosic material in a substantially horizontal rotating drum to form agglomerated particles; com ...

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A cellulosic particle, especially useful as a cat litter, is manufactured by agglomerating a fibrous cellulosic feed material in the presence of water, compacting the surface of the agglomerated particles, and drying the particles.

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Discrete absorbant particles, useful for example as an animal litter, are produced by joining together layers of formed paper pulp, the layers being compressed together in such a way as to remain together under normal use conditions, prior to immersion in water, but so as to wholly or partially sepa ...

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An elasticized non-woven fiber material is made by combining one or more textile fibers with one or more elasticizeable fibers and bonding the combined fibers together. The resultant web of bonded non-woven fibers is then heat-treated to heat-shrink the elasticizeable fiber and recover its elasticit ...