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A control system for a separately excited DC electric traction motor in an electrically powered vehicle incorporates a plurality of current limit functions designed to protect both the motor and control electronics. A time dependent current limit is utilized to permit overcurrent conditions for limi ...

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An electrical braking circuit provides smooth transitioning between regenerative and plug braking of a DC electric motor by use of a low ohmic value resistance path to maintain motor torque during transitioning. During initiation of electrical braking, a similar low ohmic resistance path momentarily ...

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An awning assembly including an elongated storage case mounted on the side of a recreational vehicle, and having an extended position for providing shade and a retracted position for storage. A lead bar is connected to the outer edge of the awning, and the inner edge is connected to a spring-loaded ...

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Collector plates for use in the second stage of a two-stage electrostatic ecipitator comprise plates having non-conducting surfaces to which a coating of low conductivity, typically between 300 and 150,000 ohms per square, is affixed. One embodiment of such plates typically comprises a rigid, non-co ...

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Dimensionally stable, cured phenolic foams are described that have a thermal conductivity after 10-days below 0.0185 watts/m .degree.C., a density of 30 to 70 kg/cubic meter and a closed-cell content of at least 85%.

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A method and apparatus for sensing plugging of a DC electric motor comprising logic circuitry responsive to a direction change command for initiating a plugging signal and additional logic circuitry for maintaining said plugging signal as a function of the percentage on time of a variable time ratio ...

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A fault detection and inhibit circuit for a power control unit in an electric traction motor propelled vehicle of the type wherein the power control unit includes a chopper circuit and a bypass contactor for shunting the chopper circuit when its percent conduction exceeds a relatively high value and ...

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Phenolic foams having a cell structure that is resistant to rupture under pressure and a slow deterioration of thermal insulation value are claimed. These foams can be cured to achieve dimensional stability without substantial adverse affect on their structure.

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Beta Glass fibers are dispersed in a solution containing hydrochloric acid nd a hydrophobic fumed silicon dioxide treated with a silane thereby forming a slurry which is subjected to a sonic probe whereafter other glass fibers are mixed into said slurry and the mixture is formed into a glass fiber f ...