Michael J Ahearn, Konstantinos Baryiames, Darryl Black, Robert A Ciampa, James Emken, William Nelson, Peter J Sulc, Jing Xiang: Method and apparatus for viewing and managing a configuration of a computer network. 3Com Corporation, McGlew and Tuttle, July 20, 1999: US05926463 (285 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for viewing a configuration of a computer network by polling a plurality of switches and routers present in the network to obtain copies of information stored in databases on the switches and routers. The present invention determines from this combined database is the status o ...

John A Flanders, Ryan T Ross, William D Townsend, Thomas A Lemaire, Thomas V Radogna, Robert A Ciampa, Brian W Bailey: Unicast, multicast, and broadcast method and apparatus. 3Com Corporation, Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes, September 5, 2000: US06115379 (39 worldwide citation)

At least a portion of the data units in a bridge/router are processed by logic circuits according to cast type. The cast type, source address and destination address of an incoming data unit are determined by examining the header. For a unicast data unit, the source address and destination address a ...

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