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A surgical instrument storage and transporting assembly which facilitates the sterilization, storage, protection, handling and presentment during surgery of a variety of surgical instruments and devices. An outer box-like enclosure having a removable top, contains a wire basket in which are placed a ...

Terence M Fogarty, Robert A Arp: Implantable injection port. Terence M Fogarty, March 21, 2000: US06039712 (94 worldwide citation)

An implantable injection port consists of a very low profile housing with virtually no residual volume while maintaining a large target area for the needle.

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A disposable vascular tourniquet for controlling the constriction of a blood vessel during surgery. The vessel occluder comprises a flexible tubular sheath having a clamping structure disposed at its proximal end. The clamping structure is a unitary molded plastic part which has a tubular base porti ...

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A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator in which a unijunction transistor relaxation oscillator is used to produce variable frequency, variable width pulses. The relaxation oscillator drives a two stage transistor amplifier and the output therefrom is transformer coupled to a set of output elec ...

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There is disclosed a connector for attachment of flexible plastic tubing which is most compatible with filament reinforced tubing which resists elastic expansion. The connector has a central radial flange with opposite cylindrical ends which provide mandrels to receive adjacent ends of tubing. A cyl ...

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A connector device for elastomeric conduits includes a connector having a mechanism to allow attachment to a device to be connected to the conduit. The connector includes a frusto-conical barb leading to a shoulder separated by a necked in region. A mating annular clamp includes an inner bore having ...

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A female receptacle for a male pin-type coaxial jack of the type having first and second cylindrical conductive segments coaxially aligned and having ends thereof separated by an insulating segment and having an annular detent notch formed in the endmost conductive segment. The receptacle comprises ...

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A pump that comprises a fluid reservoir, a pump bulb, a plurality of tubing, and at least one inflatable penile cylinder. The pump comprises a pump body, an inlet valve within the pump body, an exhaust valve within the pump body and in fluid communication with the inlet valve, and a deflate valve wi ...

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A charging stand for a rechargeable battery pack having a receptacle for receiving a battery pack to be charged and/or tested and having indicator means for providing a visual indication of the condition of the battery pack. The charging stand is adapted to be connected to the output of a standard A ...

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A housing having its interior divided into a supply chamber for a folded row of connected tickets and a dispensing chamber, and providing a discharge opening at one end for delivery of tickets. A feeding element in the dispensing chamber is operated by an actuator to feed the row of tickets toward t ...