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A rigid bifocal intraocular lens (60) for use as an artificial lens implant is disclosed. In one embodiment, the intraocular lens has a rigid lens body (61) having a chord (61a) and first and second lens portions (62) and (63). The first lens portion (61) has a focal length and the second lens porti ...

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An apparatus and method for conducting laser emulsification surgery are disclosed. Laser energy is generated within the hand held member (10) and is transmitted to the probe cylinder (15) at the distal end of the device (2). The apparatus is a hand held device which contains a laser light source and ...

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An ophthalmic surgery system (10) for performing corneal keratotomies and resectomies utilizes a light source (12) which generates a pulsed beam in the ultraviolet/vacuum ultraviolet region. The beam is received by a sealed base unit (16) and attached rotatable subunit (18) which shape, focus, and p ...

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Flexible holders are disclosed which allow one or more synthetic lenses to be securely positioned within the intraocular chambers of the eye, and which can be inserted into the eye through corneal incisions of minimal size.

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A foldable IOL system includes a foldable bi- or multifocal IOL and lens insertion instrument capable of unfolding the IOL by externally applied forces. The foldable IOL includes an oval lens body equipped with haptic structures for fixing the lens body within one of the chambers of the human eye. T ...

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A snap-together arrangement for a multi-focal lens is provided for use as an artificial lens implant in an eye from which the cataractous natural lens has been removed. The lens includes concentric lens portions secured together by an engagement arrangement to engage adjacent lens portions. Haptic m ...

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The invention includes a fiber optic bundle comprising a plurality of individually optic fiber elements. Each of the optic fiber elements has a first end and a second end. The first ends of the optic fiber elements have a smaller cross-sectional area than the second ends. The first ends are mechanic ...

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The bone grinder of this invention is capable of consistently producing ground bone particles of varying particle sizes, depending on the grinder head employed. The device provides the ability to easily interchange grinder heads according to the needs of a surgeon and the novel grinder head design o ...

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An inertial energy storage device is disclosed employing a safety flywheel which is made of flexible material such as a twisted rope ring. The rigidity required for such a device is achieved through centrifugal forces inherent in such a device when it is operating. A small number of the strands of t ...

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Very wide field of view optical surveillance is realized without scanning or moving parts by means of an integrated multiaperture optical system. The system utilizes light gathering optics in the form of an array of eyelets or lens apertures that direct in-coming light onto a detector layer. The det ...