Richard S Yeo: Flushable compositions. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Patrick C Wilson, April 23, 1996: US05509913 (141 worldwide citation)

The present invention encompasses flushable compositions and flushable products, such as flushable personal hygiene articles, flushable medical, hospital and surgical supplies, and flushable household wipes and packaging material that have sufficient wet tensile strength for their intended use, part ...

Richard S Yeo: Multi-color printed nonwoven laminates. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Patrick C Wilson, April 2, 1996: US05503076 (120 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a multi-color printed nonwoven laminate and a process for producing the laminate. The laminate includes a fibrous nonwoven web facing layer and a substrate layer bonded to the facing layer by a plurality of colored adhesive inks applied in a discrete bond pattern between the faci ...

Ralph V Braun, Lance Garrett, Robert J Phelan, Richard S Yeo: Breathable, multilayered, clothlike barrier. Kimberly Clark Corporation, William E Maycock, May 9, 1989: US04828556 (82 worldwide citation)

A breathable, multilayer, clothlike barrier especially suitable for use as an outer cover or baffle in such disposable absorbent articles as diapers, sanitary napkins, and incontinent pads, which barrier has at least three layers:



Mary G Weber, Steven W Fitting, Robert E Weber, Richard S Yeo: Odor-absorbing web material and medical material packages containing the web material. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Joseph P Harps, November 10, 1992: US05161686 (59 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an odor-absorbing, non-dusting porous web material and a method of making the same. The web material includes a porous base web (for example, a fibrous base web, such as a non-woven or paper web) having distributed throughout odor-absorbing particulate (such as zeolite). Alkaline salt o ...

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A patterned nonwoven fabric comprising polymeric strands which include a primary polymeric component and are bonded together without the use of compression, but instead with a heat activated adhesive polymeric component which adheres the respective primary components together. The fabric has an embo ...

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Disclosed is a lightweight nonwoven laminate particularly useful as a component of personal care articles, for example as a barrier cuff material for disposable diapers. Components of the laminate include at least one fine fiber layer having a basis weight in the range of from about 1.5 gsm to 26 gs ...

Richard S Yeo: Tampon exhibiting low frictional drag. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Thomas J Connelly, July 9, 1996: US05533990 (47 worldwide citation)

A tampon is disclosed which exhibits low frictional drag during insertion into and withdrawal from a woman's vagina. The tampon includes an absorbent compressed into a generally cylindrical shape and a liquid-permeable cover which surrounds at least a portion of the absorbent. The cover is treated w ...