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Filter systems and a method of deploying a medical filter within a channel in a patient's body, the filter systems include a filter having a radially expandable body with an opening in a proximal length thereof. The filter is urged along a length of the channel with the filter body in a radiall ...

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A device for deploying radially self-expanded stents and other radially expandable stents includes an inner catheter, an outer catheter surrounding the inner catheter, and a tubular stent retaining sheath formed of a rolling membrane. The sheath is doubled over upon itself to provide an inner sheath ...

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A distal protection device for use in a body lumen. The device includes a functional element which may be a filter or an occlusive element. The device includes means for controlling the movement and placement of the functional element along a guidewire. Motion of the guidewire can be independent of ...

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A catheter provided with a collapsible inner lumen within a main body. The catheter can deploy a distal protection device using a guidewire which is threaded through the inner lumen, the inner lumen collapsing upon retrieval of the device into the catheter main body.

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The present invention provides a septal defect closure device (10) having a first occluding disk (30) having a first flexible membrane (32) attached to a first frame (34) and a second occluding disk (20) having a second flexible membrane (22) attached to a separate second frame (24). The first frame ...

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A collapsible medical device for use, e.g., as a vascular filter. The device includes a mandrel having a distal end and a stop spaced proximally of the distal end. A proximal length of the mandrel extends proximally of the stop and a distal length of the mandrel extends distally of the stop. A funct ...

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A combination dilatation and drug delivery device includes a flexible catheter, a drug delivery sheath mounted to a distal end region of the catheter and a dilatation balloon also mounted to the catheter and contained within a compartment formed by the sheath. The sheath is radially expandable by su ...

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The invention provides a device for filtering emboli from blood flowing through a lumen defined by the walls of a vessel in a patient's body comprising a filter element. The filter is expandable from a collapsed configuration when the filter element is restrained to an expanded configuration when th ...

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A method and system of performing an intravascular procedure at a treatment site in a vessel of a patient. A device creates a seal to prevent the flow of blood during the treatment of vascular disease. A seal may be formed between the distal inside diameter of a sheath or catheter such as a guide ca ...

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Devices and methods for delivering stents to target vessel regions, including stent delivery through microcatheters to narrow cerebral arteries. One stent delivery device includes a stent having the distal region everted over the distal end of a delivery tube, having the everted stent distal end cap ...