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The disclosure provides a unique multiprocessing (MP) method for executing on plural CPUs of the MP a uniprocessor system (UPS) program not written to run on a MP system. Separate copies of the UPS are provided in the shared main storage (MS) of the MP. A hypervisor type of control program (called a ...

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Enables any OS of plural OSs within any of plural logical-resource partitions (LPARs) of a CEC to use interpretive execution for synchronously-executable CHSC (channel subsystem call) commands. A CHSC command authorization mask (CCAM) is provided to control which CHSC commands are allowed to execute ...

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Multiprocessing systems having changeable CPU configurations generate unique changeable identifications (ID's). These are presented by I/O channels over various I/O connection paths, in association with special path defining commands and function data. Related path state indications are stored perip ...

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Apparatus is provided to permit a processor to interrupt computer input/output operations and later resume the same operations. The apparatus disconnects the input/output device involved in the operations from the channel to free the channel for other operations during the suspension.

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A channel for a data processing system is provided with a time of day clock that is synchronized with the time of day clock of the associated central processor. Both the central processor and the channel processor record times of particular events, and the channel uses these times to calculate two t ...

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A new instruction called Test Subchannel assures that one processor will not begin an I/O operation with device status information that has been outdated by an operation of another processor. When a device has status to present, a status pending bit and an interruption pending bit are set in the cha ...

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Program instruction TPI (Test Pending Interruption) and associated data processor sequence controls for its execution enable interruption handling programs to operate in a shortened recursive mode relative to interruptions pending while such programs are in control of a data processor system. Execut ...