Michael J Suman, Russell L Clark, Richard M Ferrell: Reflective display at infinity. Prince Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, November 21, 1995: US05469298 (377 worldwide citation)

A vehicle includes a mirror mounted near the roof for reflecting an image generated by a display source. The display source and mirror are shaped and positioned to provide a virtual image of the image generated by the display source which is focused at infinity.

Richard M Ferrell: Plasma discharge lamp. ADAC Plastics, Young & Basile P C, April 8, 1997: US05618102 (17 worldwide citation)

A lamp especially designed for use with plasma discharge light sources such as neon tubes. The lamp provides secondary reflective surfaces to ensure that each ray of light leaving the neon tube strikes at least one metallic reflective surface so as to reduce the troublesome RF characteristic of the ...

Richard M Ferrell: Headlamp assembly. ADAC Plastics, Young & Basile P C, May 6, 1997: US05626413 (10 worldwide citation)

A headlamp assembly comprising a reflector defining an open front end, a lens adapted to close the open front end of the reflector to form a lamp chamber, a bulb mounted in the lamp chamber, and a mounting structure. The reflector and lens define respective annular flange portions which are seated t ...

Richard M Ferrell: Motor vehicle light assembly utilizing total internal reflection. Ford Motor Company, Robert W Brown, Keith L Zerschling, July 13, 1976: US03969621 (10 worldwide citation)

A light assembly for a motor vehicle includes a light source and a parabolic reflector for reflecting light emanating from the light source in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle. A lens is included in the light assembly. The lens is made from a transparent material and is positioned to produc ...

Richard M Ferrell: Motor vehicle lamp with improved ventilating means. ADAC Plastics, Young & Basile P C, September 17, 1996: US05556193 (5 worldwide citation)

A lamp especially suitable for use as a headlamp in a motor vehicle. The lamp includes a lamp housing, a lens sealed to the housing and coacting with the housing to define a sealed chamber, and a lightbulb positioned in the chamber and operative to generate light within the chamber for projection th ...

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