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A process for converting a hydrocarbon gas (e.g. natural gas) to syngas which, in turn, is converted into a liquid hydrocarbon product wherein a substantial amount of the heat generated in the process is recovered for use in generating steam needed in the process or for conversion into mechanical en ...

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A downhole gas-liquid separator for multiphase fluid producing wells includes a tubular member with a spiral baffle disposed therein and a duct including an inlet disposed adjacent the discharge end of the spiral baffle. Fluid flow into the separator undergoes substantial gas and liquid separation b ...

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Multiphase fluid flow, such as a mixture of oil, water and gas, is measured by a system which includes one or two densitometers for measuring the multiphase fluid density flowing through a flowline or conduit and a flow restriction, pump, expander or heat exchanger interposed in the flowline between ...

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Oil and gas well production flow is gathered in field common line manifolds and conducted through a separator to make a coarse separation of gas from liquid and minimize slug flow in the conduits leading from the manifolds to further separation, treatment and pumping facilities. A liquid level signa ...

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An elongated strip magnet assembly mounted on each side of a shower curtain to secure in a closed position the shower curtain across the access opening of a bathing enclosure preventing conducting of any water exteriorly thereof.

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Liquid slug flow in oil production well flowlines and the like is controlled by a throttling valve in the flowline upstream of a gas-liquid separator and a differential pressure gauge, densitometer or other device for measuring the presence and the volume of the slug in the flowline. The throttling ...

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A spiral or auger type gas-liquid separator, particularly for well production fluid flow, includes a vertically oriented conduit section having a spiral separator element disposed therein and around a central gas discharge conduit. The inlet to the gas discharge conduit is disposed adjacent the disc ...

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A slug flow mitigation and gas separation device for well production fluids includes a primary fluid inlet conduit and a slug mitigation and gas separation chamber formed by a conduit section mounted generally vertically above the primary conduit. Spaced apart branch conduits interconnect the primar ...

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Natural gas is reinjected into an earth formation for storage and/or stimulating the recovery of hydrocarbon liquids by mixing the gas with water at a pressure sufficient to maintain bubble flow of gas dispersed in a water flowstream in a range of volumetric gas fraction up to about twenty percent o ...

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Slug flow is substantially prevented in cylindrical pipes and other conduits by placing a generally flat plate partition extending within the pipe and dividing the pipe into a gas flow space and a liquid flow space. The position of the partition and the cross-sectional flow areas of the gas flow spa ...