Richard L Lindstrom: Epicorneal lens. Hugh D Jaeger, December 29, 1987: US04715858 (74 worldwide citation)

A synthetic epicorneal lens for use in the treatment of refractive errors. The lens is of a plastic that is compatible with the cornea, may be gas permeable or metabolite permeable, and may be coated with a basement membrane material such as fibronectin or laminen. The lens can be made from polymers ...

Richard L Lindstrom: Multifocal corneal implant lens having a hydrogelo coating. Hugh D Jaeger, May 13, 1997: US05628794 (73 worldwide citation)

Hydrogel coated multifocal intraocular implantable lens having an anti-glare edge surrounded by a hydrogel ring having nutrient passage capabilities.

Richard L Lindstrom: Small intracorneal lens. Hugh D Jaeger, July 18, 2000: US06090141 (67 worldwide citation)

An intracorneal lens that is inserted between stromal layer of a cornea of an eye, and provides two distinct regions of focality. The lens includes a central region with a thinner wall and a surrounding region with a thicker wall.

Richard L Lindstrom: Intracorneal lens. Hugh D Jaeger, January 24, 1989: US04799931 (60 worldwide citation)

An intracorneal lens with at least one hole such as central pinhole, or a, plurality of pinholes or the like; and, a material filling the holes or a material filling the pinholes, and coating the lens. The intracorneal lens can be of any high index of refraction material. The material filling the ho ...

Richard L Lindstrom: Corneal implant lens with fixation holes. Hugh D Jaeger, July 25, 1989: US04851003 (48 worldwide citation)

Intracorneal or epicorneal lens with a plurality of fixation holes spaced about the outer circumference of the lens. The lens can be of a soft material, such as hydrogel, a high refractive index material such as polysulfone, polycarbonate, or polyethylene, or any other material. The lens can also be ...

Richard L Lindstrom, Debra Skelnik: Method and apparatus of a defined serumfree medical solution. Hugh D Jaeger, April 18, 1995: US05407669 (33 worldwide citation)

A defined serumfree medical solution for applications in Ophthalmology, that contains one or more cell nutrient supplements which maintains and enhances the preservation of eye tissues, including human corneal tissues at low temperatures (2.degree. C. to 15.degree. C.). This solution is composed of ...

Richard L Lindstrom: Intraocular lens. Hugh D Jaeger, December 8, 1987: US04711638 (31 worldwide citation)

Intraocular lens including a lens optic having two haptic loops secured substantially adjacent to each other near a common point of the lens optic, and extending about the lens optic to a position opposing the common point of securement about the lens optic. The haptic loops can include notches and ...

Richard L Lindstrom, Debra L Skelnik: Irrigation solution. Hugh D Jaeger, September 29, 1987: US04696917 (31 worldwide citation)

An irrigation solution which provides the anterior and posterior chamber of the eye protection during surgical procedures that require irrigation. This irrigation solution is composed of a HEPES buffered Eagle's Minimum Essential Media (MEM) with Earle's Salts, without phenol red, supplemented with ...

Richard L Lindstrom, Donald J Doughman, Debra Skelnik: Corneal storage system. Hugh D Jaeger, September 22, 1987: US04695536 (30 worldwide citation)

A universal tissue preservation system including a storage container and a preservation media for corneal and other tissue storage. The universal corneal preservation system provides for closed system storage (media not changed) at 4.degree. centigrade under refrigeration for 1-14 days or 34.degree. ...

Richard L Lindstrom, Debra Skelnik: Viscoelastic solution. Hugh D Jaeger, November 22, 1994: US05366964 (27 worldwide citation)

A viscoelastic solution including a buffered solution, 0.01-10% chondroitin sulfate, 0.01-10% hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and 0.01-10% sodium hyaluronate, pH adjusted to 6.0-8.0 at a osmolarity between 200-400 mOsmol/L. The buffered solution can be HEPES buffered minimal essential medium (MEM), p ...