Richard L Kelley: Portable lighting fixture. Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, November 13, 1979: US04174532 (56 worldwide citation)

A portable lighting fixture for use with a patio umbrella and the like in which the umbrella is supported by a center pole having struts extending outwardly therefrom to the underside of the umbrella when the umbrella is in a raised position. A base has a slot therein extending inwardly from an edge ...

Richard L Kelley: Unitarily constructed apparatus for adjustably supporting a beverage container. Chrysler Corporation, James R Yee, April 18, 2000: US06050468 (21 worldwide citation)

A unitarily constructed apparatus for adjustably supporting a beverage container within a motor vehicle includes an upper flange, a lower base, and an outer wall interconnecting the upper flange and the lower base. The outer wall defines at least one recess for receiving a beverage container. Each r ...

Richard L Kelley, Frederick W Holbrow: Catamaran stabilization structure. John P McGonagle, December 31, 1985: US04561371 (14 worldwide citation)

A catamaran stabilization structure for catamaran sailboats which includes a centerboard and dagger-boards. The centerboard has a double wing stabilizer with adjustable pitch. The dagger-boards protrude through each of the hulls. Each dagger-board has a single wing stabilizer.

Larry W Bell, John G Thomas, Robert N Maley, Derrick Dysart, Richard L Kelley, E Mackey King: Sled system for mounting parking brake and shift assemblies. DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Ralph E Smith, April 18, 2006: US07028574 (8 worldwide citation)

A sled system for mounting a parking brake hand lever assembly and a gear shift assembly to a vehicle floor pan, the sled system having a predetermined configuration to mount on a vehicle floor pan.

Richard L Kelley, Thuan N Pham, Kevin J Kearns: Storage container. Joseph H Killion, September 29, 1992: US05150785 (3 worldwide citation)

An exercise machine carry-all is disclosed for use on exercise machine consoles. The apparatus includes an elasticized strap releasably disposable about the exercise machine console, and a second strap attached at the upper end to the first strap, depending down from it to a lower end. A holder is a ...