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An intelligent mass flow controller for controlling the mass flow of gas to a semiconductor processing chamber. A sensing circuit measures a difference in temperature across a sensing tube and translates this difference to adjust a valve for controlling the mass flow. A microcontroller which include ...

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A fluxmeter which provides for a pneumatic apparatus for measuring an amount of plasma energy flux flowing into a semiconductor wafer provides for a non-electrical apparatus of measuring energy flux. A bulb has one end exposed to the plasma while the opposite end is supported by a heat sink. When pl ...

Richard L Anderson: Pneumatic energy fluxmeter. Sematech, William W Kidd, October 27, 1992: US05159264 (80 worldwide citation)

A fluxmeter pneumatically measures the amount of plasma energy impinging onto a semiconductor wafer. The fluxmeter is comprised of two hollow bulbs filled with gas. One bulb has one end exposed to the plasma while the opposite base end is supported by a substantially constant temperature wafer chuck ...

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A process is provided to stabilize and/or reactivate an olefin production catalyst system which comprises contacting an olefin production catalyst system, either before or after use, with an aromatic compound.

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A method of minimizing or controlling the production of synthetic isopentane during the catalyzed alkylation reaction of amylenes and isoparaffins by providing a concentration of isopentane in the alkylation reactor feed material.

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A process for producing a dehydrogenated hydrocarbon product stream by catalytically dehydrogenating a feed stream is disclosed. The process utilizes a plurality of dehydrogenation catalyst-filled tubes in a furnace with all of the tubes connected in parallel to a common product outlet conduit, so t ...

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An iron-chromium-cobalt magnetic alloy characterized by good magnetic quality, improved hot and cold ductility and by a reduction in the minimum temperature for complete solutioning; and processing for producing said alloy. Hot ductility is improved through controlled additions of rare earth element ...

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A digital multiplexing system including first and second multiplexers, each connected to a plurality of multi-timeslot digital data buses for multiplexing digital data on said plurality of buses to first and second buses, respectively, thereby forming first and second serial bit streams. Protection ...

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Methods for preparing magnetic strips are provided in which the strips are manufactured to a thickness of less than about 0.005 inches and are made of a ferrous alloy having a carbon content of from about 0.4 to about 1.2 weight percent. The strips are prepared by first manufacturing an alloy having ...

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A semiconductive heterojunction device particularly useful as a photovoltaic device such as a solar cell comprises a heterojunction formed between a first layer of semiconductor material exhibiting one type of electronic conductivity (N or P) and a second layer of a compositionally different materia ...