Richard F Grafton: System and method for security-aware master. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, February 23, 2016: US09268970

A security-aware master is provided, such that a master can determine its security state before attempting access to secure resources or before requesting secure access level. An exemplary system include a system interconnect; one or more masters coupled with the system interconnect; and a master se ...

Richard F Grafton, John M Young, David J Katz: Trigger routing unit. Analog Devices, Patent Capital Group, July 12, 2016: US09390043

Trigger routing in computational hardware such as a digital-signal processor involves routing a trigger signal from a first, master module to a second, slave module, thereby initiating an event at the slave module without involving a core processing unit.

John A Hayden, Richard F Grafton, Matthew Puzey, Gordon Cheung, James Frank Galeotos: Safety node in interconnect data buses. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, October 31, 2017: US09804942

In safety-critical computer systems, fault tolerance is an important design requirement. Data buses for on-chip interconnection in these processor-based systems are exposed to risk arising from faults in the interconnect itself or in any of the connected peripherals. To provide sufficient fault tole ...