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An emergency hydraulic system for use in a vehicle having an engine which not only powers the vehicle but also drives a main hydraulic pump to supply hydraulic fluid under pressure to a hydraulic control means is disclosed. The emergency hydraulic system includes an auxiliary hydraulic pump driven b ...

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A roll protective structure is provided in which a roof panel and floor panel are detachably mounted thereto. The mounting means are such that structural rigidity is maintained while insuring that there is no metal-to-metal contact between the respective panels and cab structure. The respective pane ...

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A framework is provided for a relatively large off-highway truck which has front wheels supported by independent suspension struts positioned on opposite sides of the engine. The framework includes a pair of longitudinally disposed, laterally spaced main side rails and a superstructure which provide ...

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A vehicle dash assembly is provided with pivoting mount means which allows for greater accessibility to the dash mounted instrument and associated control members. A latching mechanism permits the dash assembly to be supported in the open position for servicing operations.

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A transmission and parking brake control system for a vehicle is disclosed including a brake for inhibiting movement of the rotary drive train thereof, a transmission shiftable between neutral and a plurality of speed range drive conditions for operation of the vehicle, a transmission control arrang ...

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Fast moving off-highway vehicles, such as trucks, may have restricted operating capability in rainy, wet weather because of foreign material, such as water, being ingested into their exposed air cleaner and thus their engines. To operate in these conditions it is desirable that their air cleaner be ...

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A control structure for neutralizing the transmission of a dump truck when the console switch is in a "reverse" position to prevent the truck operator from inadvertently backing the truck in the event the transmission control is in the "reverse" position at the time the operator accelerates the truc ...

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The invention comprises a transmission control console attachable to a vehicle. The console includes an enclosure with a gear shift regulator extending therefrom, the regulator serving to control the transmission of the vehicle. Generally, the regulator will have forward, reverse, and neutral settin ...