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This invention relates to a sorbtion paper which comprises a fibrous base paper material which is resiliently flexible and which is further characterized by being substantially free from loose, dusty sorbtion particles and by being substantially free of lumps and holes. Activated sorbition particles ...

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Abrasion-resistant overlay and multiple layer decor paper sheets suitable for the production of decorative laminates are disclosed comprising an agglomerated abrasion-resistant amorphous silica powder. These overlays and decor sheets reduce caul plate scratching during lamination.

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A process for producing a decorative sheet having the appearance of localized single or multi-colored patterns comprising: adding to a furnish of fibrous material in an aqueous dispersing medium about 0.1 to 25%, based on the weight of the fibers, of wax-encapsulated pigment beads containing numerou ...

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Decorative laminates which provide a decorative effect similar to that of marble or synthetic marble are achieved by constructing the core from sheets having a very low opacity. These sheets are prepared from bleached Kraft pulp and do not contain titanium dioxide or other opacifying pigments. The c ...

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A decorative laminate comprising a decorative paper sheet and a plurality of resin impregnated sheets wherein color is incorporated into said decorative paper sheet as non-resin impregnated paper chips or one or more colors.